Basilisk II on Batocera (Raspberry Pi)

Moved over to Batocera from Retropie and I like it. Only thing missing, for me, was Basilisk II, as I run a Pi 3B+ inside a Macintosh Classic case.

So spent today learning Batocera’s locked down file system 😉 and how to get Basilisk II up and running. And succeeded !!

Download performa.rom

Download my ClassicMacVolume.dsk

Download my basiliskii-pi.tar.gz

SMB mount Batocera Pi and upload 3 above files
SSH to Batocera Pi

cd /userdata
mv performa.rom /userdata/bios
tar -xvfz basiliskii-pi.tar.gz
rm basiliskii-pi.tar.gz

cp /etc/emulationstation/es_system.cfg /userdata/system/configs/emulationstation/
nano /userdata/system/configs/emulationstation/es_system.cfg

under < systemlist > at the top, add:

    <fullname>Apple Macintosh</fullname>
    <extension>.sh .SH</extension>
            <emulator name="libretro">

mkdir /userdata/roms/macintosh
mv /userdata/ClassicMacVolume.dsk /userdata/roms/macintosh

vi /userdata/roms/macintosh/

/userdata/basilisk/bin/BasiliskII --rom /userdata/bios/performa.rom --disk /userdata/roms/macintosh/ClassicMacVolume.dsk --extfs /userdata/roms/macintosh --config /userdata/roms/macintosh/basiliskii.cfg

chmod +x /userdata/roms/macintosh/
vi /userdata/roms/macintosh/basiliskii.cfg

displaycolordepth 0
extfs /userdata/
seriala /dev/ttyS0
serialb /dev/ttyS1
udptunnel false
udpport 6066
bootdrive 0
bootdriver 0
ramsize 8388608
frameskip 6
modelid 5
cpu 3
fpu false
nocdrom false
nosound false
noclipconversion false
nogui false
jit false
jitfpu false
jitdebug false
jitcachesize 0
jitlazyflush false
jitinline false
keyboardtype 5
keycodes false
mousewheelmode 1
mousewheellines 3
dsp /dev/dsp
mixer /dev/mixer
ignoresegv false
idlewait true
ether eth0

Reboot Batocera and Macintosh should appear. Connect USB keyboard and mouse to use.