Infocus Big Tab 20″

Arrived lunch time and as others discovered, it does support Play Store (haven’t tried iPlayer as not something I’ll use)

Everything works great, YouTube, Chrome, etc. It’s a bit weighty, but that’s mainly the LCD as I discovered later. Came with a USA mains lead for the PSU, but fortunately I had a UK one to use instead. It did come with a Nabi -> USB cable and a USB female-female adaptor so can connect a memory stick via that.

Root’ed by using KingoRoot and you have to use the left side Nabi port. Rooted so I can use AirAudio app to cast to AirPlay receivers.

No vesa mountings so opened following the iFixit instructions for the 24″ version, really easy but bit different inside though. Lots of cables between the back and LCD, which took some time to detach / unstick.

Measured and drilled 4 holes through back plastic and mounted vesa plate so bolt heads were on the inside. Is slightly off centre when in portrait mode to clear the circuit board (I centred for horizontal mode).

Battery is only 1760mAh so no wonder it’s battery life is poor. Load of room inside so they could have made this bigger. If the lack of true USB port becomes an issue, I might re-open and cut/mount the Nabi->USB cable inside. (Battery removed in inside photo)

This will be going on the wall in my kitchen, for controlling music and displaying recipes etc. which is something I’d been looking at for a while, and more so since lockdown. Overall, very pleased for £80